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The Island Allstars

The Island allstars after recording session.
Golden Isles Records produced Christmas on the Islands.
The Island Allstars photo is by Bob Herrin and assistant Donna Hougentogler.

Our Golden Isles has many Allstar musicians. Golden Isles Records frequently uses these talented musicians for projects. "Christmas on the Islands," is a collaborative effort by Joey Thigpen and Rory Knapton to musically capture a bit of the unique wonder and excitement of the Christmas season on the islands.

Joining Joey and Rory are a wonderful group of musicians and singers from the Golden Isles of coastal Georgia coming together to create The Island Allstars. The Island Allstars are: Rory Knapton, Drums, percussion and jingle bells; Joey Thigpen, Acoustic guitar and lead vocals; Keith Dean, Electric lap steel guitar; Dan Vashaw, Bass guitar and background vocals; and Michael Hulett, Saxaphones. Background vocals, assorted dialog and occasional high jinx from Bob Herrin, Brenda Vashaw, Kelli Parr, Will Aspinwall, and Ren Halverson.

This special Christmas song celebrates the heart and joy of our local islands and the many, global island communities celebrating the season. With this song comes our wish for a Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth to everyone, everywhere.

The watercolor painting used for the cover of Christmas on the Island is by the talented artist Linda Carr.

on the Islands

The Island Allstars