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Twice with Flood

I Won’t Cry” was written by the duo, Twice. Keyboardist Charles Shearer wrote the melody and performed the vocals. Drummer Rory Knapton penned the lyrics. Although, both were pleased with the Beatles-type melody and story, Twice did not officially release the song. Previously, as members of Rats in the Attic, they toured England/Europe with the group and released a CD, Live at the Cavern Club.

Their Twice partnership followed Shearer winning Ryan Seacrest's sponsored American Idol international songwriters contest and Knapton’s winning the national battle of the bands on The Early Show, CBS, hosted by Julie Chen and Harry Smith. The original Twice logo was inspired by Charles Shearer's son's third grade art.

One of several projects undertaken by Golden Isles Records (GIR) was the remastering of “I Won’t Cry.” Lead guitarist Bob Herrin rediscovered the song and told Knapton it was too good to be overlooked.

The next step was to add a little GIR to the mix literally. That meant back into the studio with Knapton, Herrin, and bassist Don Berg, founding Flood members. The musicians had not recorded together since the seventies. They added back vocals, seamless harmonies, and a plaintive guitar riff to Shearer’s great key work and Lennonesque vocal. Combined with GIR’s/Knapton’s skilled remixing and remastering, there’s a lot packed into the three minute song.

The theme is ageless, the loss of the most precious person in someone’s life. According to Knapton, the song could be about a Veteran, a family member, partner, or dear friend. In the song, a man dreams he encounters his lost love, “Soon I'll be asleep, and dreams will begin." Eventually, he is unable to distinguish the dream from reality, because at the core of his loss is his desire to recover, to reconnect. While the song presents a familiar story, it is not a sad reverie. It is a love song that conveys perhaps what most of us hope to be true; those we love and that love are never lost. They dwell in a timeless space always accessible via dreams, where emotions transcend reality.


I Won't Cry

"I Won't Cry" - Graphic Design and Photo by Bob Herrin