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Creative Excellence in music mastering

Golden Isles Record Studio

Golden Isles Records (GIR) believes in our clients' commitment to their music.

Like many in audio production, we have the technical know-how to produce a quality end product.

We have the Imagination essential to take your music to the final level professionally and creatively. We recognize the uniqueness of the artist and are determined to provide talented artists with the best product at affordable rates. And we are fun people to work with!

GIR believes in a proactive, global reach. With ties to New York's largest syndicated national television networks, Los Angeles' major recording labels, motion pictures firms with "A List" actors, the most active Indie record labels, Pandora and similar streaming markets, ITunes, Spotify, and over 400 digital markets, GIR thinks globally.

You'll find top quality recording equipment and the requisite capturing devices, dual matching Neumann U87s microphones from the 1960s, and Custom made Ayotte Drums with handmade wooden hoops. And of course, the usual gear required to record and master recordings. In addition to engineering, studio musicians are available if needed.

Our recording studio offers "beta" versions not readily available to the public. GIR's studio offers vintage, vinyl quality in mastering and capturing. GIR plans to release LP products in vinyl in addition to the standard digital media. This new technology utilizes the newest computers and lightening speed.

GIR works with artists to attain success. This partnership between the staff and artist is driven by creativity with the production of great music as our shared goal. Create art and share with the world.

How to submit to Golden Isles Records

Please use this Link to email your single, original song (MP3) to Golden Isles Records (GIR). Do not worry about an expensive production. A great song with great lyrics or great artist will stand alone and speak for itself. Please submit only one song due to the size of the files and our time constraints.

Please allow 6 weeks for GIR to review your submission due to the volume of submissions. Thank you for your interest in GIR. We do listen to all submissions.

Visit our little island and make music-
in a place like no other.